_MIXER: HackerNest MNL February

Good Ol’ Tech Socials on February 15, 2017 Wednesday at _GALLERY, A SPACE Greenbelt, 7 to 11pm.

Hello again Techies! A SPACE is hosting another HackerNest in Manila. Drinks on us!! That’s right, feel right at home at our Tech Socials. Free beer for anyone friendly and down-to-earth (strict no-douchebag policy). Because you won’t feel like you have to impress anyone, you’ll actually have real conversations and make new friends.

If you’re worried about jitters you get from meeting new people –no worries, this is going to be a chill, unpretentious and friendly tech social. Here’s a run through of the typical HackerNest tech social:

7:00pm: Folks arrive, grab drinks, socialize
8:00pm: Quick intro, thank sponsors , quick announcements
8:10pm: Back to chatting with interesting new friends
10:30pm: Go home exhausted from great conversations

If you’re wondering what HackerNest is –it’s a nonprofit organization and movement that builds local tech communities around the world. Know more about HackerNest here.

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