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It’s time to #VisualizePH!
Data Science Philippines is proud to present VisualizePH, a 3 hour Mini-Conference on data visualization, analytics and data storytelling.  Event cost is FREE thanks to our sponsors.
RSVP is essential and this event has strictly limited slots. If you are in the “Going” list, then you are confirmed for event entry. If you are on the “Waiting” list, you may be eligible for event entry depending on your ranking in the waiting list. We may vary the number of available slots at any time in the lead up to the event, so please check this page regularly if you are on the waiting list!
Would you like to speak at this event or a future event? Private message the Data Science Philippines user account with a bio and proposed talk description.
Talk 1 – TBA
Speaker: Jay Manahan 
Talk 2 – The Science of Better: An Introduction to Operations Research and Its Applications
Speaker: Andrew Yap
Operations Research, also known as management science, is one of the many fields of applied mathematics within the data science ecosystem. It focuses on applying analytical methods and mathematical modelling to complex systems in order to make better decisions. Although it is not as “hot” as deep learning and artificial intelligence, it has been widely used in industry since the mid-20th century in areas such as airline scheduling, quantitative finance, and logistics optimization. This talk will go through a brief history of OR, its core principles and concepts, and its applications in our daily lives.
Andrew S. Yap is an operations research geek turned analytics and data science advocate. He currently heads the Analytics Consulting Group at Nexus Technologies, Inc., providing valuable insights to clients through managed data science services and tailored analytics solutions. Previously, he worked with Walmart’s e-Commerce division and Meralco’s strategy group, applying operations research and analytical methods to make processes more efficient. He holds a Master of Engineering.
Talk 3 – From Numbers to Narrative: The Four Keys to Data Storytelling
Speaker: Isaac Reyes
In 2017, Isaac’s ‘Art of Data Storytelling” talk visited Silicon Valley, North Carolina, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Warsaw and Auckland. In 2018, he kicks off another world tour with a brand new talk: “The Four Keys to Data Storytelling”. His first stop for the year is Manila!
In this session, Isaac will cover his four “Keys to Data Storytelling” and how anyone can use these simple keys to create better stories with data.
Isaac Reyes is a Data Scientist, TEDx speaker and data visualization evangelist. He is the lead trainer at DataSeer, a data science training company with offices in Singapore and Manila. In 2017, Isaac conducted private training courses for organizations including Cisco, AIG and the ADB. Prior to DataSeer, Isaac lectured in statistics at the Australian National University and led the Data Science Team at Altis, Australia’s largest information management consulting firm.



DOST-PCIEERD offers free Data Science course

The Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development of the Department of Science and Technology offers a course on data science together with and Coursera. Topics like Python and business intelligence will be discussed by experts from different universities. To join, you must be a Filipino citizen or a resident of the Philippines, graduate of any 4-year course or enrolled in a STEM course, and having background in computer programming, statistics, and introductory calculus would be an advantage. In order to join the course, visit Deadline of application is on February 9, 2018. (more…)

Engaged Talks: Machine Learning for Social Good

The Hub of Innovation For Inclusion together with Garage Academy bring you:

Engaged Talks: Machine Learning For Social Good with Johan Janssens

August 8, 2017
6:00pm to 9:00pm
The Loop
12F School of Design and Arts

Johan is the co-Founder of Joomla!, founder of Nooku, a Technopreneur, Web Architect, Speaker, Free Software Advocate, Startup Advisor, and a world traveler.

#EngagedTalks is a series of short talks, music, and refreshments. Everyone can join in on the conversation about #MachineLearning and #SocialGood!

Image: Steffon Davis

50 slots only, RSVP now at

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#39 Kernel Density Estimation in R / {1-2 more topics open}

Joe Brillantes, co-organizer and one of our mainstays, will be showing us how to do Kernel Density Estimation in R, using data on road accidents in Metro Manila (see output below).

Looking for 1-2 more speakers on any topic, or any of the following requested topics from #38 meetup:

  • Time series analysis using R
  • Spatial analysis using R
  • R Integration with facebook

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TensorFlow for Beginners

TensorFlow is an open-source software library for Machine Intelligence. It is being used to power a number of Google services involving various perceptual and natural language understanding tasks. The library of algorithms allows computer systems to mimic human’s ability to learn and reason. TensorFlow was originally developed by researchers working on the Google Brain Team with Google’s Machine Intelligence research organization.

This lecture provides a quick overview of the background and functionalities of TensorFlow, as well as its wide array of application areas. Basic concepts needed to give you a head start in using the library will also be covered.

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Second Powershell User Group Meetup

Hello Friends,

I would like to invite you for second PowerShell User Group meetup in Manila.

This time we will have two session:

About Chef Automation and Powershell on Azure.

Chef is the automation platform for DevOps, it allows to manage deployment of servers no matter what OS you choose. It can automate Widows, Linux, AIX or Solaris servers. It allow you to make sure that you deploy server and maintain server in easy way.
I will show how to start with Chef, how to install Chef Server and Workstation. How to manage Linux node and create simple cookbook. Hope to see you again soon.

Sebastian and John

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