ngManila – Codename: Temporal Domination

It’s time to get together and talk Angular!

Join us so we can continue sharing our knowledge and experience in doing Angular. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or expert, or even if you just want to start learning. ngManila is for you! This is event is free and is open to anyone who is interested in Angular.

They will be conducting monthly events in cities throughout Metro Manila. However, if you have an Angular community outside of Manila that is interested in hosting one of our events, please let us know and we will do our best to bring ngManila to your province.

*** SPONSORS ***

The sponsors for this event include Penbrothers (Venue), (Merchandise), and Tutorials Dojo (Udemy Angular Course).


Have you learned some new shiny Angular skills this past year? Have you used Angular in a unique way? Do you have any cool Angular project you would like to feature? Please let us know! Contact at and tell us about your talk ideas.


• ngManila#latest Segment (ngManila News), ~15 minutes
ngManila#sponsors Segment (Penbrothers, Freelancer, Tutorials Dojo), ~15 minutes
•  ng#latest Segment (Angular News), ~15 minutes
• TBD, ~30 minutes
Package and share your @ngModule() by Johnny Estilles, ~30 minutes
ngManila#QA Segment, Up to 30 minutes

HackerNest MNL February 2017 Tech Social

A_SPACE is hosting another HackerNest in Manila. That’s right, feel right at home at our Tech Socials. Free beer for anyone friendly and down-to-earth (strict no-douchebag policy). Because you won’t feel like you have to impress anyone, you’ll actually have real conversations and make new friends. Full details please click here       HackerNest is a nonprofit organization and movement that builds local tech communities around the world. We believe they are the cornerstones of economic development: we want more people to get into tech so they can afford to live healthier and happier. Our down-to-earth Tech Socials and (more…)
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